Yakusoku - my second book released!
Arashi sweet
Hello, party people!
I'm so happy to come here and tell that finally I have my second book released in Amazon.com!
Now, I'm working hard to translate it properly and then I'll immediately inform you!
Thanks for your support!

And, just as a celebration, my new chapter of 'In your hands'!!!

Amazon Yakusoku's release
Arashi sweet

My second book will soon be available at Amazon.com!

Such good news!

I am still working in Chained Hearts, but I promise that it won't take long for it to be available in English!

And here goes its banner. It says:
Two hearts.
Two eras.
A love that is able to defeat even death.

I just love this story!

And today's chapter!!!

Weekly update
Arashi sweet
So, the week is in the middle and updates are in order!
First, this Wednesday Yakusoku - the Promise!
Shoji has finally met his business nightmare, the only person he thought he would never have to see again.
And, moreover, he had to hear such an ambiguous sentence 'I want you'!
What is that supposed to mean?

And Thrusday it's "In your hands" day!
Louis is relaxing around Zuzu, certain that any doubts he had regarding his feelings was just pure imagination, until he catches his 'baby' in a very compromising situation.
And now?
What should he do as Kazuya's legal guardian?
Should he stay or should he go?


The English version is coming, I promise!

Double Update
Arashi sweet
Today there will be a double updat in Wattpad!

First, at "Yakusoku - the Promise", Shoji is waiting for a meeting with his oponent regarding the land he needs for his project. And, when the said Professor arrives, he has a great surprise!

Then, we have a new chapter for "In your Hands"! Finally Luiz admits his feelings, but is now facing a bigger problem: has Zuzu heard his confession?

And I also have good news!!!

"Chained Hearts" is already being translated, so there is a chance it might be up for sale until the end of the month!


I will keep you guys posted!

Yakusoku 14
Arashi sweet
Today's chapter!

Yakusoku no pics
Arashi sweet

Chained Hearts - Chapter 16
Arashi sweet

And the war begins
SK Love
Today's chapter is thrilling!
Agnese takes his first step and it's clearly not a small one!
He takes our beloved Shiro and even Matteo - a free man - as slaves and drag them some place else.
Shiro's future seems to be at a stake: how will he survive Agnese's plans for him and Giuliano's rage?
Stay tuned!

Chained Hearts - Chapter 13
The story is finally coming to an end and we learn even more about Agnese and a scheme that is behind many strang thing in Île Écarlat's Palace.

And Giuliano receives a serious proposal that can change everyhting in the beautiful island.

Stay tuned, Chained Hearts will soon be translated, here and in Wattpad!

"If you become the Prince Consort, you can have whatever and whoever you wish for", said Agnese, with a smirk, "As long as you never deny when I demand you in my bed, Giuliano, you can have as many slaves as you want to."

My lips opened and closed immediately. Matteo? I would be able to have Matteo?

I bit my lower lip, trying to fight the reactions he caused to my body.

"Promise me you will give me Matteo", I demanded, raising my chin. "Promise me and I will be yours."

Chained Hearts - Chapter 12
Arashi sweet
Today's chapter is written from Matteo's perspective. And it seems we have a little conflict between him and his saviour, the Crown Prince of Île Écarlat.
What is going on between those two?
Check it out on Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/174900819-cora%C3%A7%C3%B5es-acorrentados-romance-gay-cap%C3%ADtulo-12-por


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